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Outlook PST splitter free download and split large PST file into smaller parts without getting any issue

  • Split Oversized PST File into Multiple Files by Date, Year, Folder, and Size
  • PST File Splitter Divide Outlook PST Items like Emails, Contacts, Task, etc.
  • Necessary to install Microsoft Outlook before splitting Outlook PST Files
  • PST splitter software is Capable to break both UNICODE & ANSI PST File
  • Split PST tool supports Outlook 2016, Win 10 (OS) and its below versions
  • Before Dividing PST File, make sure that Outlook Data File (.pst) is healthy

PST Splitter Software to Split Huge PST File

How often do you encounter that Outlook is not working properly? Probably, when you figured out that its data storage capacity has been overshot by own default limit. Yes, you are right and all this things coined into a new term for Outlook user – Oversized PST file. Technically, every data storage facility is designed to only keep a specific amount of database and it is same for Microsoft Outlook. When Microsoft Outlook fails to keep up this limit at an extent, it starts popping out errors and may lead to data loss. To get rid of these issues,   Read More

PST splitter software just diminishes the size of the Outlook Data file by dividing them into smaller PST files and make it analogous to access with MS Outlook. Split PST tool is designed especially for splitting large-sized PST files into multiple smaller sized PST by date, year, folder and size.

Distinguished Features of PST Splitter Software

4 Options to Split PST File

Multiple Splitting Option

PST Splitter divides PST File into smaller parts with 4 different options. Choose the required checkbox to split PST file:

  • Split Outlook PST By Year
  • Split Outlook PST By Size
  • Split Outlook PST By Date
  • Split Outlook PST By Folder
Split PST File By Year

Split PST by Year

This is something which most of the users always seek – managing Outlook data on a yearly basis. It's self-evident that for an Outlook user, PST works like a repository and contain email of years. PST splitter software just sort Outlook data of each year and create a PST file for each one. For Example: If you have selected year from 2000 to 2016, then it will create 17 PST File individually.

Split PST File by Size

Split PST By Size

If you want to divide your PST File by Size, then use this option. Through this option, a user can easily split large Outlook PST File into multiple parts. Split PST software offers a specific size range ( from 5MB to 10GB) to break a oversized PST file that is apparently heavier. For Example: If you have a PST file of 20 GB and you want to create 4 PST files of it, then select 5 GB in the software panel.

Split PST by Date

Split PST by Date

Split PST by Date option permit you to split large PST files into preferred Date range. You just required to choose exact date series before and after and click on split PST option to break Outlook PST without any data loss. For Example: If you want to split Outlook PST file's data from 12 Jan 2015 to til date, then go with this option and filter your data by date.

Split PST File by Folders

Split PST by Folder

With the help of this option, you can create multiple smaller PST Files for each Outlook folder according to size (MB & GB). Once you define the size of PST file, software starts diving the Outlook folders available in the hefty PST into smaller parts in accordance with predefined PST size. For Example: The resultant PST you will get after spliting PST file like inbox.pst of Inbox folder, and so on.

Oversized PST file issue

Oversized PST File Corruption

PST splitter software does not split PST File which is already full of choke emails and have corrupted due to the same. However, you can divide PST file which probably looking prone to cause an oversized issue, especially the 2GB ANSI PST file. In case, if your Outlook PST has been already corrupted or damaged, then you have to repair it before splitting the PST File.

Divide Oversized PST

Split Oversized PST File

If your Outlook PST File is large and comprise of hundreds of thousands of emails, then Outlook performance will automatically be very slow. In such a case, you can use the PST file splitter software to break an Outlook Data File of any size into smaller parts. This tool is capable to split both UNICODE and ANSI PST file format without any data loss. It also does not affect the Meta properties.

Create New Folder

Create New Folder & CSV Report

After completion of splitting process, you can save your PST at your desired location in the machine. Also, you can create a new folder directly from Split PST tool pane and save PST File into that folder. The CSV report, that tells about the entire execution logs gets saved directly into the same folder where the resultant PST file is directed to save. The software maintains accurate meta-data like: To, From, Cc, BCc, Date, etc.

Outlook Versions Supported

Outlook & Windows Versions Supported

During splitting Outlook PST file process you need to select the MS Outlook format which you are using. PST splitter software supports Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & 2000. So, if you mention the version the utility will automatically detect the format of the PST file. Its is a Window based tool and compatible with different versions of Windows. It can run effectively with WIndows 10 & all below Windows versions

Try Free version to check functionality & Reliability of the Tool

Go through the great features and user-interfaces of software which provides free Demo version. The Fully free demo version of this Outlook split PST files software helps you to break first 50 items of selected Outlook folders. For saving the complete split data, purchase full version of PST Splitter Software with affordable price $49 for Personal License and Business License for $129 only.

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System Requirements

  • Windows OS: Windows 10 and all below versions
  • Processor: 1 GHz processor
  • RAM: 512 MB of RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 15 MB of free hard disk space

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